Maesta Il Nero is the king of Parmigiano. This outstanding cheese comes from Caseificio Pieve Roffeno near the Appennine Mountains just beneath Bologna. The Chiari Family, friends of the family of Manuele, matures this cheese for over 36 months. For this cheese the Chiari Family only uses milk from mountain cows which he mixes with 30% of milk form the special red fur milkcows from the region.  The ‘Nero’ outside comes from the traditional way the Cappuccini monks treated this cheese. By adding this completey biologic mixed layer of charcoal and bee wax they could slowing the maturing process while the freshness of the cheese was kept. The Nero gives an outstanding taste to the pasta and meatdishes where you usually use ‘normal’ parmigiano. The Nero also is an excellent antipasti for your dinner, especially combined with pear, honey, walnuts or grapes & Special Balsamic Vinegar Cream.