Ciccioli Freschi is a product you can find in many regions of Italy but with slightly others names like cicoli in Napoli and sfrizzoli in Rome. This one is from Emilia Romagna and it’s like the Dutch preskop. After using the second best meat for the mortadella the Leonardi Family uses the best parts of the leftover meats for the ciccioli. The family of Manuele from Al Ninen works for more than three generations with Leonardi. A small family company based in the valley between Modena and Bologna. Ciccioli is all about balance. For the best result Leonardi presses the meats for several weeks in a special meatpress so all the bad fat and water will flow out of the meat. After this process he dries the meat for more than a week which results in a very tasty ciccioli which Manuele slices for you like mortadella. An is perfect in a plate of meats for antipasti.