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Eighty years with a glass in his hand, forty to bottle wine. This is the story of La Caneva dei Biasio, leader of the bottling in Riese Pio X. In the Castellana countryside a few kilometers from the Asolane and Valdobbiadene hills, “La Caneva dei Biasio” continues its ten-year passion for wine for years Twenty. Then Giovanni of nickname “Biasio”, grandfather of the current members, decided to open an inn. His son Angelo continued his father’s wishes, opening the winery in 1955. Since then many things have changed: La Caneva dei Biasio has become international, exporting its products to Germany and Canada; production processes have been perfected, with the introduction of new technologies, which have raised the quality standards; the surface of the rooms has been extended and rationalized through new plant engineering; the inn has become a renowned trattoria and the management still remains in the family.
Carlo, oenologist, personally follows the grapes in the cultivation area and carefully chooses the best wines to be bottled. Sergio and Miriam, take care of the administrative part of the company and from the office impress the aroma of professionalism to the bottles. Walter is in charge of maintaining relations with foreign countries and perfecting all commercial activity. Even if, after leaving the offices and their institutional role, the activity that most attracts them is always the same. Prepare, bottle the wine all together. Four times, half a century of professionalism and a goal. Let you drink the best wine.


Our motto is “from the earth to the bottle, one hand”. In fact, our company can boast of using only its own grapes, thus being able to follow the birth of its wines since the cultivation of the vine; this meticulous attention in every step, combined with the deep love and passion for our land, leads to that wonderful product that is the Valpolicella in all its typologies … Choices that often do not follow the logic of the market but want to be like the signature of the artist on his work.


It was the beginning of the twentieth century when Antonio Colutta bought the fund already called “Bandut”, creating what is now a successful farm, whose wines have won important awards.
The company is led by Giorgio Colutta, who continues to recognize the prosperity of the land and nature, in an environment incredibly rich in aromas where the noble vineyards of great wines, recognized all over the world, arise.
The peculiarity of this flourishing area of Friuli Venezia Giulia is determined by its Eocene origin, its microclimate and the exposition of the Colli Orientali del Friuli.
It is precisely in this magnificent area, thanks to this generous nature that the company produces its excellent wines in the vineyards of Buttrio, Manzano and Rosazzo. All included in the prestigious “Vine and Wine Park” of the Colli Orientali del Friuli.


We are located in one of the most beautiful and picturesque areas of Umbria, in the municipality of Bevagna, in a hilly area surrounded by woods.
The position is ideal for the cultivation of vines, especially for the Sagrantino variety, which here finds a particularly favorable habitat.
Our vineyards are exposed to the sun for most of the day, lying on a gentle hill.


The farm “Le Corgne” was purchased by Family Fendi at the end of the nineties.

The property covers approximately 35 hectares, of which 20 are woodland, 6 vineyards and the rest to arable land, in the municipality of Valfabbrica about 700 meters above sea level.

This area, silent and hidden, away from the most famous wine-producing areas of the region that is home enjoys a special microclimate as well as preserving a wide range of unspoiled scents that add value to a product already well structured.

During these years the property has been dedicated to the recovery of the residential buildings and only in 2005, at the behest of Andrew Formilli Fendi, were planted the first vineyards of Pinot Noir and Sauvignon.

The winery was subsequently restructured and now appears to be a local edge where the wine rests on the essential and innovative.


Is a small company in the hills of Imola, a village near to Bologna.
We produce wine from generations.

Wine is the result of many factors, but there are three prevalent: the vine, the land and wine cellar operations, from the selection of grapes and berries to the fermentation.
Wine is an ancient drink, used not only as a drink, but also in many culinary preparations, which gives off delicious fragrances and tastes.

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