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At Zangirolami Farm all the rice production process is scrupulously controlled to offer you the guarantee of a certified quality product. The rice is cultivated, harvested, dried and processed directly into a holding where direct sales are also made.
The paddy field
In the spring the paddies of the lower Ferrara are prepared with: surface plowing, frangisollatura, erpicatura, livellatura with lasers and preparation of the sowing bed. Since mid-April, sowing starts. At harvest time (from mid-September) begins the harvesting and drying of rice.

Once dried, raw rice is stored and stored until it is transformed into silos and warehouses that meet the HACCP hygiene standards.

Crude rice removes all the impurities from the tarara, then passes into the sbramino that takes away the lime, after which the cutter selector takes away the immature and small grains (green grain). At this point the rice is ready to be whitened by the whiteners and subsequently selected by the plansyster to remove the broken grains (break).

Before being packaged and sold in retail, rice passes through the optical picker that eliminates stained grains and ensures the finest quality of the product.

PO Poult Delta Conservation Consortium
The PO Poult Delta Poultry Consortium was founded in December 2012 by the commitment of 12 founding members.
The iter for the recognition of the IGP was started over 10 years ago by a group of Venetian companies, which were also joined by the major ferrarias companies.
The result achieved with the establishment of the Consortium is the result of a teamwork that adds a further element to the protection and promotion of Po Delta Po Po IGP.
Po Po Delta Po PGI is the cereal belonging to the Japonica type, Superfino group, in the varieties Carnaroli, Volano, Baldo and Arborio.

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