Welcome to Al Ninèn, Gastronomia Emiliana.

Long before the opening of our shop, the concept originated in the fantasy of owner Manuele Monari. Who, by his love for the Dutch culture, Amsterdam architecture and of course our famous cheese was drawn from Bologna to the Netherlands.

Here he was unpleasantly surprised by the lack of quality in Italian shops. And so the idea of a shop with only quality product and quality service arose. A shop, where Italian tradition and love for food could be discussed, passed on and lived.

All our products and ingredients are “pure, rich and sooo Italian”. They are carefully selected in the mountainous areas of the region Emilia-Romagna, where air, land and water are still pure and untouched.

Straight from the Italian mountains, our small producers offer authentic Italian products to traditional family recipe made with the upmost respect for quality, culture and tradition.

In the shop we are always happy to tell you passionately about the products, the region and the Italian way of eating. We invite you to our shop at Westerstraat 77 to come smell, taste and experience the Italian tradition.